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Une Petite Douceur

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for a little something sweet. You could satisfy that craving with a frothy frappe from the nearest coffee shop, perhaps, or a black and white cookie from the corner deli.In a pinch, you could even have some bread with jam. I would have been happy with any or all […]

Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil –

For a very long time I was never one to pay attention things like oils or butters. I just grabbed what was on sale, usually. Those were dark years when I didn’t know that being discriminating with food could pay off in the most satisfying results. If I still doubted the importance of choosing ingredients […]

Lasagna Dinner – Omaha Steaks

Lasagna Dinner – A La Zing Ever since I met my husband, Jeff, I’ve been a serious connoisseur of lasagna — without a doubt, he makes the best I’ve ever tasted. Rich and meaty, with a delicate foam of ricotta cheese in the middle, and a crust of Parmesan on top, no frozen lasagna comes […]