5 Best Culinary Exhibitions Worldwide

Food is a subject that is close to everyone’s heart and a subject which is important worldwide and yet so varied by country and even region. Travel to Italy and you will often find that the local dishes in one town are very different from a neighbouring town. To satisfy this international interest in cuisine, there are many great culinary exhibitions worldwide each year. Below is a guide to some of the best.

FHA Culinary Challenge (Singapore) – This is a culinary event like no other as it is an event where people come to gain accreditation. Chefs and general culinary talents from around the world are known to gather here to partake in gourmet team challenges, individual challenges and practical classes. The winners of the competitions gain highly sought after accreditation which looks great on CVs and PR for restaurants. The event is held alongside Food and Hotel Asia which is also a highly regarded culinary exhibition.

World Culinary Travel Expo (Vancouver, Canada) – There is so much for the visitor at this event to enjoy and experience, including appearances from celebrity chefs, authors of cookbooks, retailers and representatives from wineries. There are unique food experiences as well as the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at restaurants with chefs and their teams. The event runs for three days and is held in the BC Place Stadium which has fantastic surroundings.

The Source (Exeter, UK) – Visitors arrive here to discover more about food and drink, such as what the story is behind it, how it was produced and the effect that its production has on the environment. This is also a great opportunity to also experience some traditional and local Devonshire foods including the local speciality of cream teas and scones with clotted cream. This is a relatively small show but a great chance to meet local farmers and producers from the Devon area.

Cuisinez! (Paris, France) – This exhibition has over 60 live shows and cooking demonstrations from leading chefs and culinary figures. There is also the opportunity to take cooking lessons, either as part of a group of privately. There are many fun events for visitors to enjoy including rallies and challenges which see people searching Paris for recipes and ingredients. Around 50,000 visitors attend here each year make it one of the largest events of its type in France and giving an indication as to the quality of the shows features.

World Culinary Travel Expo (Vancouver, Canada) – This event sells itself on the principle that a country’s culinary style says a lot for its culture, influences and history. Visitors attend this show to experience the culinary offerings from people around the world with a view to being inspired as to where to visit on their travels. Some of the exhibitors visit the Culinary Travel Expo with the sole purpose to promote trips where a country’s gastronomy is the main attraction. This is the main exhibition in the world for promoting travel through gastronomy.

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