5 Great Breakfast Foods For Your Brain

What we eat has an effect on our bodies and our minds. A nutritious, balanced diet helps to keep us physically fit, but there are also certain foods that have been found to increase our mental capacity as well. Start your day with a breakfast for the brain and you may find your thought processes run a little clearer.


There are various fruits that have been shown to boost brainpower when eaten. Dark berries are amongst the best. A breakfast of blueberries combined with some yoghurt or wholewheat toast is healthy, delicious and it could even make you smarter. Even better, mix them in with some oatmeal porridge – oatmeal increases your heart health which in turn makes your blood circulate better and your brain stay healthy. Blueberries are high in fibre and low in sugars and they can even reduce feelings of stress. They help improve memory and concentration skills and have been linked to a reduced risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.


Avocadoes are full of anti-oxidants and healthy fats. They boost circulation which in turn increases oxygen to the brain. Try chopping some avocado into scrambled eggs or add some to a bacon sandwich for a tasty breakfast that will leave you feeling energised and ready for the day.


Tomatoes provide us with lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has been linked with the prevention of dementia. The lycopene is released through the cooking process, so fried tomatoes on toast makes for a breakfast that could actually keep you sane. Even tomato ketchup has a positive effect, so add some to your sausage sandwich if you fancy a fry up.


Free-range, organic eggs are one of the best breakfast foods, and good for your mental health too. They contain selenium, which is a natural mood elevator. Poached, scrambled, boiled or fried, eggs are packed full of goodness that can keep you healthy in body and mind. For added happiness, ask your partner to make you breakfast in bed, or if you’re staying in a hotel, order room service. An indulgence first thing in the morning guarantees you start the day smiling.


Fish is the best source of the essential fatty acid omega-3 which has myriad health benefits for both our physical bodies and our mental state. It has been shown to reduce the risk of depression and dementia, improve on alertness and increase cognition skills, boost memory skills and generally promote a feeling of well-being by encouraging the body to release serotonin. Opt for tuna and you also get a massive dose of Vitamin B6, which influences your dopamine receptors. Vitamin B6 is vital for balancing your mood. Try a tuna omelette perhaps, or some kedgeree to really get a start on the day.

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