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Cheese lovers, this just might be the assortment of your dreams: four of igourmet’s “most sensual” cheeses, delivered right to your front door. After tasting them, I wonder if planning a special evening has ever been so easy – or so scrumptious. These selections could definitely “kick off a romantic evening for two” (as igourmet recommends), but I could also imagine them served as a dessert course at my next dinner party. With a total of 1.9 pounds of cheese, there’s enough here to share the love. And so I’ll share it with you.

Ordering and Shipping

First things first, igourmet’s online ordering and delivery process was simple and streamlined. After placing the “Assortment of Romantic Cheeses” ($35.99) in my cart, I was offered choices for gift packaging as well as shipping. I chose standard shipping and for just $12.68, the package arrived at my suburban Chicago home via FedEx within two days of placing my order.

Upon opening the box I found a small Styrofoam cooler filled with two freeze packs and my cheeses. All were still chilled to the touch, and three of the four varieties were sealed in airtight plastic packaging. At first glance, I was concerned about the fourth variety, a round of Explorateur that had clearly popped its hard plastic top. But no worries – it was smartly swaddled in an extra layer of saran wrap, and tasting the cheese proved it had arrived in absolute exquisite condition, as you’ll find out below.


The Assortment of Romantic Cheeses includes these four unique selections:

Explorateur (8.8 oz.)

Produced in Ile-de-France, this rich, indulgent cheese earns an exquisite triple cream status with 75% butterfat. Good thing a little goes a long way. Smooth and very spreadable, this velvety white variety can almost be described as an intense Brie. While the aroma is pungent, the flavor is fresh and pleasantly sour and salty. Explorateur is at is best paired with strawberries, hazelnuts and a refreshing glass of Gewurztraminer or Champagne.

Brillo Pecorino DiVino (8 oz.)

This pure sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany is seasoned with wine, giving it a beautiful burgundy-colored crust and wine-scented bouquet and flavor. A traditional Italian cheese, Brillo Pecorino DiVino is milkier than a Parmesan, but firm, sharp and savory in its own right. This cheese begs for crusty loaf of bread and glass of Borolo. Best of all, it’s versatile enough to be served before or after a meal.

White Stilton with Apricot (8 oz.)

This interesting selection is likely to be the most debatable of the assortment. Though my husband and I found it to be our least favorite, a fruit-loving friend argued it was the best of the four. It’s also one of the best-selling blended cheeses in the UK. White Stilton is not the same as the pungent, world famous blue variety. Rather it’s creamy-crumbly in texture and sharply tangy in flavor. Dried bits of brilliant orange apricots lend a not-too-sweet bite and create a downright beautiful presentation on a cheeseboard.

Chocolate Capri (5 oz.)

If you’re a lover of all things indulgent, you might think a combination of chocolate and cheese is just too good to be true. But you’d be wrong. This award-winning creation from Massachusetts’ Westfield Farm is 100% goat’s cheese blended with pure cocoa, and it’s subtle seduction incarnate. With a creamy texture and slightly tangy undertones, igourmet says the Chocolate Capri tastes like a ” super creamy fudge”. But those with more sophisticated tastes will be pleased to know it’s exactly akin to a chocolate mousse cheesecake. Pair this one with strawberries, cherries, pecans and your favorite bottle of Pinot Noir.

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