Beer Tasting Tips for Newbies

For most people who don’t know much about beer tasting, the eloquent words used to describe beer can be too much, confusing, and maybe even downright amusing. After all, how can someone clearly identify the different ingredients used in making beer? How can they describe beer as having “a somewhat fruity taste like prunes” or “the tanginess of the molasses” or “the mild sweetness of honey and syrup” when it’s just beer, right?

What you don’t know is that beer tasting is a skill developed and refined through years. It not only involves honing your sense of smell but your sense of taste as well. However, you can be a good beer taster, too, even if you’re a newbie.

Mild to Strong

While it’s tempting to take a sip of the first glass of beer you get your hands on, you should know that this is one of the big no-no’s when it comes to beer tasting. Much like how you would taste wine, it’s important that you start with a mild tasting beer first before you move on to beers with richer flavors. This way, you won’t be over-stimulating your taste buds too early in the event. Over-stimulating your sense of taste can easily make them more insensitive. This won’t give you a very good chance to enjoy the more delicate flavors of the mild-tasting beer.

Avoid Smoking and Eating Spicy Foods

Your sense of taste will also be affected by smoking and eating spicy foods. Smoking interferes with your sense of smell, and if this happens, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the beautiful aromas of the beer, which, in turn, will also affect your sense of taste.

As for spicy foods, they can also overly stimulate your taste buds. Instead of being able to enjoy the aroma and full flavors of beer, the scent and taste of the spicy food will linger in your mouth. Other types of food that you have to avoid before beer tasting events are greasy foods, salty dishes, and desserts. Their strong flavors can easily detract you from enjoying the beer.

Don’t Use Heavy Perfumes or Cologne

The main reason why you should not wear heavy perfume and cologne is because it can desensitize your sense of smell. Instead of being able to smell the aroma of the beer, all you’ll be inhaling is the perfume or cologne that you’re wearing. As mentioned earlier, your sense of smell can affect the way you taste the different flavors of beer.

Taste But Don’t Guzzle

You can guzzle all the beer that you want, but if you’re in a beer tasting event, you should taste the drink, not guzzle it down. Remember, your taste buds is a part of you, and when you get drunk from all the beer that you’re drinking, it’ll get drunk with you. It’ll be a lot less sensitive to detect the different flavors, and you’re only going to waste your money. After all, you’re already drunk, so you will no longer be able to enjoy the different beers and their distinctive flavors, one of the main reasons why you attended a beer-tasting event in the first place.

Jennifer Daire writes for Maurice Carrubba food blog. Beer tasting is just like wine tasting. It involves skills and techniques, which this article teaches you.

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