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Honey Cake Stepping Stone Book Review

Joanne Renaud is a graduate in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Before moving to Southern California, she studied graphic design at Central Washington University and art at the University of Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She presently lives in Los Angeles, and is agented by Tugeau2. Recent clients include Simon […]

Mini Cake Sampler – Black Hound New York

THE SECRET OF LIFE IS … CAKE A slice of cake when it’s your birthday is a treat, but a slice of cake for no particular reason is a delightful surprise that turns an ordinary day into a celebration. Life just goes better with cake. Black Hound, a New York-based supplier of sophisticated sweets since […]

Double Devon Cream Butter –

This was my thought process when I saw this butter on Double Devon Cream… Yum! Butter… Yum! How could you go wrong with Double Devon Cream Butter? I was, however, a little daunted by the idea of ordering butter online. I couldn’t imagine that it would arrive fresh and still firm without being frozen, […]

Strip Steak Dinner – Omaha Steaks

My childhood was full of microwave dinners – gloppy macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza that always stays a little frozen, and bland, overcooked chicken drowned in cream sauce. Not exactly the height of gourmet dining, I’ll admit. But in recent years, companies like Omaha Steaks have raised the bar on prepared frozen foods. Omaha Steaks, […]

Assortment of Romantic Cheeses –

Cheese lovers, this just might be the assortment of your dreams: four of igourmet’s “most sensual” cheeses, delivered right to your front door. After tasting them, I wonder if planning a special evening has ever been so easy – or so scrumptious. These selections could definitely “kick off a romantic evening for two” (as igourmet […]

Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil –

For a very long time I was never one to pay attention things like oils or butters. I just grabbed what was on sale, usually. Those were dark years when I didn’t know that being discriminating with food could pay off in the most satisfying results. If I still doubted the importance of choosing ingredients […]

Lasagna Dinner – Omaha Steaks

Lasagna Dinner – A La Zing Ever since I met my husband, Jeff, I’ve been a serious connoisseur of lasagna — without a doubt, he makes the best I’ve ever tasted. Rich and meaty, with a delicate foam of ricotta cheese in the middle, and a crust of Parmesan on top, no frozen lasagna comes […]