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A History of Bacon, Bombs, and Bacon Bombs.

Our civilization’s fascination with smoked, cured meat isn’t entirely a new phenomenon – it actually goes back quite a ways. Before electricity, before the revolutionary war, even before the Roman Empire – the people of the world were making, and therefore consuming; tasty, tasty bacon. Last year, Americans bought 864 million pounds of bacon and spent $4.4 billion on […]

Giving your kitchen a gluten free makeover If you’re wondering which foods are gluten free and which are not, you probably aren’t the only one.  It is no secret that we Americans love food, especially when it’s deep fried in large portions. There is certainly no shortage of food diversity in our country, but when it comes to being gluten […]

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Kitchen

Choosing colors can be a nightmare of a task. Swatchbooks contain thousands of colors that almost all look the same; conflicting reports on what colors are currently “in style”; and pamphlets and literature from different paint suppliers all claiming different trends. Truth be told, picking a paint color for your kitchen –or any room – […]

Learn To Cook Brazilian Cuisine From A Celebrity-Tested Professional

Are you ready to transform a boring dinner menu into a lineup of delicious and exotic foods that will wow your senses and keep guests coming back for seconds, thirds, or more? If so, then you need to check out the incredible recipes created and explained by Mamma Borges, the professional Brazilian chef that everyone […]

Pickling The Perfect Pepper

Gardening is one of the purest joys in life.  Digging in the soil, smelling fresh herbs, and planning the perfect landscape design are all things that make gardening an actual art. Combine the essence of the natural with the craft of the culinary, and an all-natural homemade meal can be yours directly from your garden.  […]

Stand-Out Breakfasts

It’s morning. You’re hungry, and quite possibly groggy. Not wanting to put energy into making breakfast, you grab that same old box of cereal, or throw some raisins in some oatmeal and call it good. This is what’s called a “breakfast rut”. You eat the same thing for breakfast every day, because it’s easy and […]

Fun New Designs and Options for your Kitchen!

With the warmer weather and the longer days coming with the first few days of spring, you’ll start to notice the flaws, cracks, and chips in your kitchen. A great resolution for this spring is to give your kitchen a good spring-cleaning so you can have a clean slate to update it! By making just […]

The FDA-What It Does And Doesn’t Do

Sometime in your life, you have probably heard of an organization known as the FDA. FDA stands for the US Food and Drug Administration, and this organization has many responsibilities. What does the FDA do? The FDA is an important part of the public’s health and safety, and there are many different branches of the […]

Invest In High Quality Cookware For Better Meals In 2013

With so many cheap options available, why should you invest in high quality cookware from a leading manufacturer and will it last? Choose Wisely Many celebrity chefs have brought out their own brand of cookware and crockery. But how do you know whether it’s any good? Use online review sites or websites such as Amazon, […]

What’s Your Dining Out Personality Type?

Many of us have heard of the line, “you are what you eat” but not many of us probably know that “you are how you eat.” Eating is so primal, so basic, so necessary to our survival that we barely take time to note the way we react to food. In many ways, food can […]