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My Most Memorable Meal: Joanne Renaud

Joanne Renaud is a graduate in illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Before moving to Southern California, she studied graphic design at Central Washington University and art at the University of Ulster in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She presently lives in Los Angeles, and is agented by Tugeau2. Recent clients include Simon […]

My Most Memorable Meal – Jenna Petersen, Romance Novelist

Jenna Petersen started writing full-time in 1999 when her husband said, “You’re only happy when you’re writing, why don’t you do that?” In 2004, her dream came true when her literary agent called to say she’d just sold to Avon. Since then, she’s been a Waldenbooks Mass Market bestseller, a Bookscan bestseller and won the […]

My Most Memorable Meal: G. Wells Taylor

Halloween.Some would say it’s the perfect holiday.You get to play dress-up, people give you candy and you don’t have to drive three thousand miles to spend the day with your family.But some would say that the day’s events, now mostly celebrated by children, are the remnants of darker times and reminders of darker places—shadow realms […]

My Most Memorable Meal: Sabrina Artel

The best meal of all, the meal that I still remember the flavors of, is one that was created by my friends Amy and Wes Gillingham in their home. It was a cold snowy winter night and I was suffering from fresh food deprivation. I live in the woods outside a small town in the […]