What Are The Cheapest Wine Regions Around The World From Which To Buy Good Quality Wines?

Any good wine critic will tell you that a fancy label and a sizeable price tag is no guarantee of quality. In fact, there are good options to be found in some of the world’s lesser-known wine regions, where very drinkable produce can be picked up for just a few pounds a bottle.


You can, of course, buy attractively-priced wines in Medoc and Chianti, but look a little further afield and you may be surprised by the choice available.

Casablanca Valley, Chile

Chilean wine has grown in popularity in recent years, thanks largely to its tasty and competitively-priced reds. However, it would be a real mistake to overlook the whites of the Casablanca Valley region. The cool conditions are ideal for cultivating Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which are used to make some crisp, clean wines that taste far more expensive than you would expect given their price tags.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

South African wines have acquired a deserved reputation for being high-quality, but it is still possible to find excellent value for money. Stellenbosch is a great place to discover some gems, without breaking the bank. The Cabernet Sauvignons and fruity Chardonnays are good, but the highlights of the region’s offerings are the crisp Chenin Blancs from the smaller wineries.

Mendoza, Argentina

There are few better places to find wine that is both affordable and drinkable than Argentina’s Mendoza Province. The high-altitude vineyards are perfect for growing Syrah and Malbec grapes, and the result is a selection of bold, full-bodied reds that are the perfect accompaniment to a big juicy steak. The region’s reds are truly world-class – even if the low prices suggest otherwise – but it is also possible to identify the odd very agreeable Torrontes.

Rioja, Spain

You’ve probably read about Spanish regions such as Rueda and Ribeiro being among the rising stars of the wine world, but for quality, choice and low prices, Rioja still can’t be beaten. The area’s wineries are best known for their reds and there are bottles to suit every budget and occasion. There are also some superb whites and, for a real treat, try a bottle or two of the excellent-value rosés.

Recas, Romania

Romanian wine earned an unfortunate reputation in the last century, but a new generation of vineyard owners have started to change that image by making some high-quality produce at very tempting prices. Conditions in Recas are ideal for growing Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio grapes, and they are transformed into wines that are every bit as good as their more expensive French and Italian equivalents.

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