Chinese New Year’s Food Safety

There’s only a few days left before the Chinese New Year. I know that most of you are getting really excited and yet some of you don’t. Chinese New Year is all about giving and getting together with your family and friends, eating together with lots of food in the table while sharing stories of the months passed. Thanking the time that you spend with them and at the same time enjoyed every journey you made.


Food is one staple element in this holiday. Chinese’ loves bountiful foods in this event. You can be sure that most of the houses (most especially if you live near china town) in your neighborhood have their own menu to prepare in the coming feast. Although I know most of your will be very busy this season, make sure that you always make sure that you are food safe.

Why You Should Be More Careful During the Holidays?

Instead of worrying too much on road accidents this holiday, why not worry on a much pressing matter such as Food Safety since Chinese New Year will make all the dining table full of foods.

Chinese New Year is one of the holidays in the year that always involves food. Everyone in every country is preparing all the things they need on this special day. And that includes shopping for decorations, new utensils and kitchen tools, cookbooks, and ingredients. In this time of year, we should expect that there will be a lot of people in the malls, supermarkets, stores and other establishments that will cater their needs.

Why Should I Be Worried?

Foodborne Illnesses is all around us. It can strike anyone that put their defenses down. It already killed a lot of people around the world and it can kill your family in a blink. Most of the time because food is passed from producers to manufacturers to consumers, the likely to be infected with food borne illnesses are high. Even our current food safety system can’t really stop all the outbreaks because only about 10% of America is being watched by the FDA.

What Are Some of The Top 5 Deadliest Foodborne Bacteria?

  1. Listeria
  2. E. coli
  3. Salmonella
  4. Staph Bacteria
  5. Hepatitis A

How to Be Food Safe?

Well for starters, make sure that your surrounding is clean. In short, clean your house! Most especially those parts that really need intense cleaning like the kitchen and dining room. These are parts of the house where you and your family usually eat. Having a foodborne-illness-free house is like taking a great pain out of your chest.

Cleaning your place is just the first thing you should know about food safety. The next thing to do is to clean your kitchen tools and utensils. Also don’t forget to clean cabinets, stoves, microwave etc. Bacteria can grow on those things without you noticing. It’s a long list to clean up but don’t worry, it will be all worthwhile.

Before and after handling any food (especially meat, poultry, etc), make sure that you washed your hands with soap and running water.

Cook your food properly. All rolled and stuffed roasts, poultry, mince dishes sausages, and liver needs to be fully cooked. If you want to reheat your food make sure that it is steaming hot (at least 75 C).

Refrigerate leftovers immediately to avoid bacteria growth.

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