Cooking Around The World: Craziest Dishes Of All TIme

For most people, cooking means making up plain dishes, and having the occasional takeaway or meal out. However, if you’re travelling around the world, you may end up encountering some slightly more unusual dishes; these tend to involve ingredients and animals that you wouldn’t normally expect to see on a menu. While these dishes might not be for everyone, some certainly represent meals that should be tried at least once.

1 – Fried Brains

For all the people that get annoyed when the brains are left out of meat dishes, fried brains are quite common in parts of the United States and Mexico – a beef speciality, brains are heavily ground, fried, and battered, and used in hamburger buns with other meat cuts.

2 – Casu Marzu

For brie lovers, Casu Marzu is a process whereby insect larvae are added to cheese blocks; the larvae help to ferment the cheese, and give it a special flavour. Most people choose to remove the insects and larvae before they eat the cheese.

3 – Hasma

Frogs do get a bit of a rough ride around the world when it comes to meals; one dish from Asia involves serving up the fallopian tubes from a frog as part of desserts, with the tubes adding flavour to liquid.

4 – Balut

Another unusual combination of ingredients, Balut is served in Southeast Asia, and involves using a chicken foetus served in its egg and yolk; depending on where you buy Balut, the foetus may be at different stages of development.

5 – Snails

Popular in France, snails are also a common sight on menus and street food stalls in Asia. Most snails, or escargots, are boiled and served with garlic sauce. Best to watch out with the salt, though.

6 – Guinea Pig

Next time you consider your cherished family pet, think about Peru, where guinea pig is served as a delicacy in some restaurants. Even worse, guinea pigs are often served with their teeth intact.

7 – Chicken Feet

This dish is typically served in street markets in China, most often as a way of making the most of a whole chicken. Chewy to eat, chicken feet are made slightly more palatable through grilling, and being served with spices.

8 – Tarantulas

A delicacy in Cambodia, tarantulas are usually fried and then served either individually, or in piles within a box – apparently tarantulas are quite crunch to taste.

9 – Spam Musubi

A low budget sushi recipe, Spam Musubi is served in Hawaii, and involves very cheap meat, which is then mixed in nori fish wrap and served with steamed rice. This dish is popular in street markets.

10 – Fugu

One of the most risky dishes on this list, Fugu refers to Japanese puffer fish; when not prepared and cooked properly, puffer fish is toxic to humans, and can cause suffocation and even death. Expert chefs have to train for at least three years before they can serve puffer fish, which has the toxic parts sliced out and served. In this context, never order puffer fish unless you’re in a licensed restaurant.


Author Bio: Liam Ohm writes about food, from the latest healthy products from Co-op Food to the future of cooking. In his spare time he enjoys attending and participating in cooking seminars.

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