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This was my thought process when I saw this butter on

Double Devon Cream… Yum!

Butter… Yum!

How could you go wrong with Double Devon Cream Butter? I was, however, a little daunted by the idea of ordering butter online. I couldn’t imagine that it would arrive fresh and still firm without being frozen, particularly if delivery was delayed for some reason or other. But my Double Devon Cream Butter arrived in a cooler with a cold gel pack, unharmed and ready to be spread and melted over all of my favorite dishes. I missed picking it up on the day of delivery so it sat un-refrigerated overnight, but remarkably, the butter was still cool by the time I got it the next day. For those who may not know, Double Devon Cream is the fancy name for clotted cream, which is served alongside scones and strawberry jam as part of the English ritual known as cream tea. I was excited by the idea of it.

Like clotted cream, the butter is bright yellow with a rich well-rounded flavor. It’s one of the best European high fat butters I’ve tried. But it’s rather salty so keep that in mind if you plan to use it on breads or baked goods and your palate has become accustomed to unsalted butter. I ended up using it mostly in savory dishes, i.e. sauteing vegetables and browning filets of fish and meat. It added loads of flavor and richness to each dish and was a worthy addition. Next I will try it in baked goods. The drawback is that each 8 ounce, foil-wrapped portion costs $5.99 making it difficult to use as an ingredient in large-scale or frequent baking projects for most of us, but definitely worth the splurge to keep a couple of sticks stashed in the freezer to make a meal special. With summer coming I’m imagining it melted over corn on the cob or mixed with fresh herbs and melted over grilled steaks and fish. The possibilities are endless.

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