How To Make An Exotic Sushi Roll (Infographic)


With slightly damp hands you will want to grab a clump of sushi rice. Form the rice into a spherical shape and place the rice on the sheet of nori.You can then start to pinch the rice across the surface of the dried seaweed. Make sure to evenly spread the sushi rice over the entire sheet of nori.

Once the rice is covering the nori you can then sprinkle the iri goma sesame seeds on top of the rice. You can now flip the sheet of seaweed over and place the spicy tuna mixture down the middle of the nori. Next place the fried shrimp down the same lane as the spicy maguro. Then lay down a couple of cucumber sticks next to the shrimp to add the desired crunch.

Once you have the inner ingredients placed you can then start to roll the nori over the contents in the center of the sushi roll. Make sure the sushi roll is tucked in tightly so that it feels secure. Next you need to cut the yellow fin tuna ahi maguro into thin sashimi slices. Do the same for the salmon sake.

You can now place the cuts of sushi fish on top of the roll. Make sure to evenly distribute the sushi fish on the roll so that all the rice is covered with salmon and tuna. Now cut thin slices of avocado to place on the roll. Place the avocado in between each piece of sushi fish. To add a very refreshing flavor to the sushi roll you can use a lemon. Make sure to cut the skin of the lemon off.

Then slice the skinless lemon into micro slices, just enough to get a burst of fresh citrus with each cut. Place the lemon on top of the sushi fish. Use plastic wrap to cover the entire roll. Using your sushi mat, form the sushi roll into a perfectly shaped cylinder. Take the sushi mat off and cut the roll into four halves. Then place each one of the sushi roll pieces on to the serving plate. Top the plate with your favorite sushi sauces. For the last touch you can add thinly sliced green onions for garnish.

Informaiton provided by Catalina Offshore Products to educate sushi lovers on intersting facts, tips and guidelines on how to buy sushi grade fish.

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