The FDA-What It Does And Doesn’t Do

Sometime in your life, you have probably heard of an organization known as the FDA. FDA stands for the US Food and Drug Administration, and this organization has many responsibilities.

What does the FDA do?

The FDA is an important part of the public’s health and safety, and there are many different branches of the FDA that focus on a variety of different items. The FDA performs tests on certain foods and medications in order to determine if they’re safe for the public or not. They also perform tests on medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements, veterinary products, electronics and anything that has to do with radiation. For a complete list of items that are regulated by the FDA, visit their website.

The FDA also plays a huge role in the availability of innovative medications that can help cure popular diseases. The FDA tests medication to ensure that it’s safe for humans to use and that it cures what it’s supposed to, but it also helps to ensure that these medications are made readily available and affordable for public use.

The FDA also regulates the marketing, manufacturing and distribution of all tobacco products, and they monitor the marketing to ensure that it is not being targeted towards minors.

Most people don’t realize that the FDA also plays a major role in the country’s counterterrorism. The FDA is responsible for responding to health threats that occur across the nation, and they also regulate and test any food items that are brought into the country from foreign lands.

The FDA is also responsible for enforcing certain laws. They regulate sanitation laws that involve traveling between states, and they’re even in charge of regulating diseases and medical devices associated with sperm donation and certain diseases associated with pets.

What doesn’t the FDA regulate?

Although the FDA manages many different responsibilities, there are certain things that the FDA will not regulate. The FDA does not regulate advertising by companies other than tobacco, medical devices and prescription drugs.

They don’t regulate food, health or safety in restaurants or grocery stores, and they don’t regulate alcoholic beverages or meats and poultry aside from game.

How else can the FDA help me?

The FDA website is filled with valuable information for consumers, health professionals, scientists and industry workers. You can easily locate any product recalls that are currently taking place, and you can even peruse a list of items that have been approved and cleared by the FDA to determine if a product is safe. You can also use the FDA website to stay up to date with current recalls or health-related topics.

The FDA is also a great resource if you have questions on the health and safety of certain items. For example, if you are concerned about certain medications, foods or vaccines, you can either peruse the FDA website in search of the information you need, or you can contact the FDA directly and ask your question or share your concerns.

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