Fun New Designs and Options for your Kitchen!

With the warmer weather and the longer days coming with the first few days of spring, you’ll start to notice the flaws, cracks, and chips in your kitchen. A great resolution for this spring is to give your kitchen a good spring-cleaning so you can have a clean slate to update it! By making just one of these following changes, your kitchen will transform from the drab and dull, to the updated and exciting!

The Bar

It may not have a full selection of light and dark wines and may only be used for breakfast, but a wrap around counter that can turn into a serving bar will be an instantly loved attribute to your kitchen. If your kitchen currently doesn’t have a counter that jets out from the walls, consider adding more counter space by separating your dining and kitchen area with a counter. This can make your kitchen feel like it’s really it’s own space, and will give you an great area for your family to gather while making dinner, or to retreat for midnight snacks!

Kitchen Bar

The Island

If you’re more interested in enhancing your cooking experience rather than entertaining your friends, then you might want to opt for an island instead of a bar. The great thing about an island is that it can be fixed into your kitchen permanently, or it can be portable. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to commit to a permanent fixture in your kitchen, try out a portable one for a while. A portable island will allow you to move in and out for times like Thanksgiving when you find all your female relatives in the kitchen at the same time, and will give you the opportunity to move it back in when you need it!

Kitchen Island


Your microwave won’t only need to be cleaned after all the spaghetti splatters left over from this past winter, it might need to be replaced. Oftentimes older refrigerators will expend more energy than imaginable by cracks and leaks in the insulation, These cracks often times let in unwanted guests. To prevent unwanted pest control issues, and if you really want to update your kitchen and give it an entirely new feel, consider investing in new appliances! Stainless steel may be initially pricier, but it has a terrific resale value and will continue looking chic and sleek for years and years to come.



As for the cabinets, if you think you can merely paint over all of the crayon marks and oil splatters, you might want to think again. Instead, invest in new cabinets that will make your kitchen look brand new. Perhaps when you moved in, those white cabinets weren’t your favorite, but now you can replace them with the natural knotty alder you have been eying each weekend at the home improvement store! These new and updated cabinets will add incredible value of your home as well!



Whatever small renovation design you consider, even one of these can improve the value of your home, while giving you a fresh new space to cook up all kinds of delicious gourmet foods and desserts!

Lucy Markham is an avid blogger, and as a recent home owner, considers herself a bit of an expert on renovation, design, and home décor!

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