Five Great Ways to Cook Bell Peppers

All throughout the year bell peppers are generally accessible at the local supermarket or produce stand. Of course, you are just like everyone else in some ways and you quickly grow tired of consuming the same foods on a regular basis. What are some new ways that you can cook the bell pepper and have it taste delicious every day?

Roasting Bell Peppers

Use that broiler to make a yummy side dish for steaks, pastas, chicken and other main courses. Cut the peppers up into pieces and place them in the broiler until the top starts to blacken a bit. This signals that they should be turned over. When the other side begins to blacken, remove them from the oven. Covering them with plastic in a bowl will allow the skin to loosen and be removed along with the stems a short while later.

Stuffed Peppers

This type of pepper is one of the most common with which many people are familiar. Choose your favorite ground meat, be it beef, chicken, turkey or so forth. Mix the meat with spices, egg, breadcrumbs and other ingredients that you usually put into your meatloaf or meatballs. Then stuff each of the peppers with this mixture and bake them in the oven. Oven speeds vary and the exact time can change based upon the meat you are using. However, 40 minutes at 350 degrees is generally a good rule of thumb.

Pureed Soup

When a food processor is available, puree those peppers to make a delicious and thick soup. As for soups, you have so much freedom here to add whatever other ingredients you wish. Chicken stock or vegetable stock acts as a suitable base for a pepper soup. Mix in spices such as salt, pepper, oregano and parsley for a bit of an Italian food flair.

Salads with Peppers

Sometimes you simply do not have all the time in the world to cook. In that case, purchase an array of your favorite peppers. These peppers will often come in smaller sizes in a bag so that they are easier to chop up. Take these peppers along with an array of your other favorite vegetables and mix them into a great big salad. Top it off with crunchy croutons and dressing that you love and you have a healthy and delightful meal perfect for a warm summer’s day.

Make Sauce

Tomatoes are generally the base of pasta sauces, however, people use all sorts of vegetables and ingredients mixed in with the aforementioned fruit. The next time you make a sauce chop the peppers up into little pieces and put them into the food processor. The method you choose really depends upon whether you prefer your sauce to be on the thicker or thinner side.

What’s so wonderful about peppers? Well, clearly, quite a number of recipes exist in which you can use this vegetable. Among the types of recipes peppers allow you to make are healthy recipes. You no longer need to fill up on junk food and other unhealthy substance just to feel full. Now you can eat wholesome and tasty meals all the time.


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