Healthy Late Night Eating: Meals, Snacks … And Pizza Pie

Pizza routinely is panned as being an unhealthy food choice. The fact is that healthy variations of the beloved pizza pie represent ideal healthy late night meal and snack alternatives. Before turning attention to specific types of late night pizza selections, some basic recipe suggestions apply to all choices.

Controlling the Crust

A key to crafting a healthy pizza for late night eating is controlling the crust. In thinking about a healthier crust for a wholesome pizza pie think thin and whole wheat. Health late night dining and snacking mandates kissing the pan, white flour dough pizza crust goodbye.

Securing the Sauce

The second fundamental key to creating a healthy pizza choice is the sauce. As a rule, the traditional tomato-based sauce gets a thumbs up. The recent trend towards white sauces (heavy in sodium and saturated fats) is a late night no-no. Do not overdue on the red sauce, however. Remember that with a thin, wheat crust, only a light coating of sauce is necessary to add taste and texture to a pie.

Rethink the Cheese

Use a more sparing amount of low fat cheese when preparing a pizza for a late night dinner of snack. Although a good source of protein, when eaten at night, caution must be taken in regard to the fat content of cheese generally. By adding extra amounts of healthier toppings, the amount of cheese used on a pizza can be sharply reduced (and in some cases even eliminated).

Chicken Sausage Pizza

Toppings make or break an otherwise healthy pizza choice. Traditional pork sausage is surprisingly high in calories, despite being incredibly tasty. An ideal alternative for a late night meal or snack is chicken sausage, particularly flavorful chicken apple sausage. Chicken sausage has more than half the calories of the pork variety. Chicken sausage also contains half the fat of pork, including saturated fat.

Bits of Bacon Pizza

Trim, slim bits of bacon (not processed “bacon bits” are ideal for an after-hours pizza designed for a meal or snack. Sprinkling bacon as a topping creates full-flavored pie that, when judiciously used, is lower in calories and fat that the traditional pizza toppings.

Veggies, Veggies, Veggies Pizza

Fresh veggies of all types create a wonderful late night pizza, whether to cure the munchies or for a meal. Traditional choices like peppers, mushrooms and onions are always affordable, tasty favorites. However, a dash of adventure when planning an after-hours pie is a worthy course. Consider everything from squash to pickles to diced radishes as possible toppings for a unique and tasty pizza pie. Experiment with combinations.

Turkey Pizza

Chunks of turkey breast make a perfect topping for a nighttime pizza pie. For maximum benefit, the turkey must be skinless. Low calorie turkey meat can be combined with a wide variety of healthy toppings, including barbeque sauce, veggies of all types and a sparing amount of low fat mozzarella cheese.

Salmon Pizza

When it comes to potential healthy pizza concepts, the horizon is as endless as the imagination. Salmon pizza presents a wholesome, healthy choice for a late night meal or snack. The fish is poached before placement on the pizza as a topping for maximum health benefits.


This post was created by pizza lover John Armada. His favorite pizza Waterloo is from Pepi’s Pizza, which he gets delivered often.

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