Invest In High Quality Cookware For Better Meals In 2013

With so many cheap options available, why should you invest in high quality cookware from a leading manufacturer and will it last?
Choose Wisely

Many celebrity chefs have brought out their own brand of cookware and crockery. But how do you know whether it’s any good? Use online review sites or websites such as Amazon, which post customer reviews on product pages, to see which products fare best against the toughest critics – those doing the cooking. It makes sense to invest in quality pans and cookware, as they will last you longer. If you purchase a £5 non-stick pan from the high street, chances are the non-stick coating will be flaking off into your delicious omelette in no time at all, which is not what you need. In short, cheap cookware presents a false economy.
Jamie Oliver
Websites stock a range of cookware from celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver. With his trustworthy, down-to-earth, on-screen persona, he is the perfect celebrity chef to endorse a brand of cookware. Tefal’s Jamie Oliver range includes hard anodised pans, hard enamel pans and a range of professional series cookware for budding amateur chefs. These pans are all designed, not only to make cooking easier, but also to make cleaning them easier too, which is always good news. With prices starting from around £30 for an anodised milk pan or small hard enamel saucepan, they’re affordable and make a great gift to add to wedding lists or birthday wish lists, if cooking is your passion.
Meyer Cookware
With its renowned quality and design, Meyer Cookware is well worth the investment for years of hassle free cooking and easy cleaning. Their range of Circulon and Prestige cookware is the perfect purchase if you plan on doing more cooking this year. Alternatively, why not splash out and choose the Anolon Raymond Blanc Professional range, with a 5 piece professional pan set only setting you back around £120. Compared to lower quality pans, this offers great value for money, as these well-designed beauties will last you for many years to come.
Whichever brand of cookware you choose to purchase, do your research and read some reviews online before you buy. Investing in a professional set of saucepans may set you back a couple of hundred pounds, but they will pay for themselves as you find you won’t need to purchase new pans for quite some time, if ever again.


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