Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Assorted Juice

It’s almost too easy to reach for a bottled, fizzy drink. You head to the shop and it’s displayed beautifully in a well-lit fridge. Sometimes, we order fizzy drinks by default, when we are eating out, in a restaurant. And you know what? They taste really good. Almost too good.

Good doesn’t always mean ‘good for you’ though. This is where we have to be careful. Fizzy drinks are good but only occasionally. They’re jam-packed with sugar and all sorts of other additives. Everything in moderation, so they say.

So where do we turn for an alternative? Fruit juice, of course. Drinks companies have picked up on the fact that the nation seems to be on a mass health kick. Not to mention the fact that we’re all striving for our 5 a day. Some fruit juices even promise to provide half of that goodness. But can we trust them? As tasty as they are, might they just be packed full of sugar too? Of course.

‘What do we do?’, I hear you cry. Fear not, there is always a solution. If you really need your juice in its purest form, do it yourself. It sounds like a lot of hassle. Juicers and juice squeezers can be picked up for not very much money and great recipes for which juices taste great together are on the internet – for free. You win. Fruit juice isn’t the holy grail of health though. Dentists are constantly warning us about ‘acid erosion’. So be sure to use a toothpaste that protects your tooth enamel.

Deep down, we know that water conquers all. Make it your fail safe and always keep some with you. But there’s nothing wrong with fizzy drinks occasionally and fruit juice a little more frequently. Life is, after all, about keeping the balance.


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