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Lasagna Dinner – A La Zing

Ever since I met my husband, Jeff, I’ve been a serious connoisseur of lasagna — without a doubt, he makes the best I’ve ever tasted. Rich and meaty, with a delicate foam of ricotta cheese in the middle, and a crust of Parmesan on top, no frozen lasagna comes close; even the best restaurant lasagnas I’ve tasted are only a pale shadow of his recipe. So how does A La Zing’s lasagna dinner, with a pound of lasagna, a side of green beans, and a thick slice of tiramisu for dessert, compare to my gourmand husband’s dish?
The food was packaged nicely, each in separate cardboard containers with the “A La Zing” logo scrolled across the top in purple. Though microwave options were listed with the dishes, I decided to heat the meal up the proper way, in the oven. With an hour of cooking time, the lasagna wasn’t exactly a quick meal, but it’s still faster than preparing one from scratch. Had I gone the cheater’s way, it would have been a mere ten minutes, but I didn’t want to run the risk of dealing with the burnt crust/frozen innards combination that often comes with microwaving meals.
The verdict? Not quite home-cooked, but definitely a step above any store-bought brand I’ve ever tried. The lasagna was topped with a thick coating of cheese — the blend of Mozzarella, Ricotta, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, and Romano was complex and flavorful, and even better, still nicely gooey after an hour of baking. The meat sauce was richly flavored with basil and other herbs, but a bit on the light side — cheese and pasta made up most of the dish. The side of green beans was pleasantly crisp, and the chunks of red pepper and onion throughout gave it a nice bite. The two courses were a bit slight on their own for a full meal.
I was lucky, then, that I still had the tiramisu waiting for me after I’d finished. Out of all three courses, this was the winner, without a doubt. The espresso-soaked sponge cake topped with a rich layer of sweet mascarpone cheese and a dusting of cocoa powder was rich, creamy, and the perfect decadent dessert to end this Italian meal.
I’ll admit, as far as lasagnas go, my bar is set higher than most — assuming you’ve never tried my husband’s lasagna, this could well be the best you’ll ever taste. And even if it’s not, don’t worry — the tiramisu alone makes this meal well worth the price.

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