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A slice of cake when it’s your birthday is a treat, but a slice of cake for no particular reason is a delightful surprise that turns an ordinary day into a celebration. Life just goes better with cake.

Black Hound, a New York-based supplier of sophisticated sweets since 1988, understands this simple fact of life. They offer 26 different cakes for pick up in their retail stores or by mail order. (Shipped frozen and packed in dry ice, the cakes travel UPS overnight. Order the day before and you can eat cake for dessert at lunchtime!)

Hand-made in small batches, these cakes offer exquisitely balanced flavors like almond and pear; hazelnut and chocolate; strawberries and cream. The cakes come in several sizes, from the 6-inch version that serves 6-8 (or one person 6-8 times) to a 10-inch version that will make up to 20 people very happy. Prices range from $36 to $69.

If you can’t decide on just one luscious layered confection, Black Hound’s still got you covered. For $45, you can have a sampler of six three-inch cakelets; a combination that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

The cakes, roughly the size of large cupcakes, arrive swathed in quilted foil wrappers and packed into a simple white box. Inside the box is a plastic liner with depressions to cushion the cakes, which are presented as if they were jewels.

The cakes include a dreamy coconut cake with a white chocolate buttercream mousse filling that melts like a cloud on your tongue; a robust carrot cake frosted with a dreamy lemon, cream-cheese icing; a Busy Bee cake filled with marzipan and bittersweet chocolate and decorated with adorable almond and marzipan honey bees; a Queen D cake that’s a marvel of mocha and hazelnut with the unexpected spark of raspberry jam; a summery apricot/almond cake with just a hint of Grand Marnier and a lovely slather of white chocolate buttercream; and one of the bakery’s signature cakes, a multi-textured chocolate explosion they call the Ebony & Ivory Cake.

Ideally, these three-inch yummies will serve up to three apiece, but once you’ve tasted them, you may not want to share. Coffee lovers will adore the Queen D Cake, which marries mocha buttercream and tender hazelnut cake layers, lavishing them with bittersweet chocolate and an unexpected lick of raspberry jam. The Busy Bee Cake is like a fabulous fusion of candy and cake with its robe of bittersweet chocolate enclosing almond cake layered with marzipan. Finished off with whimsical little honeybees, the cake is so richly satisfying; it only takes a bite or two to satisfy even the most raging sweet tooth.

The Carrot Cake is a sublimely substantial affair of three layers filled with coconut, pineapple, raisins and nuts. Unlike many carrot cakes, this one is not too heavy on the cloves and cinnamon. The emphatic lemon-cream cheese frosting, however, may be a little overwhelming for some tastes. The Apricot Almond Cake is, no surprise, a cake combining the sweet-tart of apricot jam with almond-flavored cake kissed with Grand Marnier and wrapped in a soft, moussy layer of white chocolate buttercream. Spectacular.

There’s more white chocolate buttercream enrobing the tender, moist coconut cake’so good you may forever forsake the combination of coconut and dark chocolate. But if you want a fix of dark chocolate (and remember, dark chocolate is an anti-oxidant), you can’t go wrong with the Ebony & Ivory Cake. Combining unexpected ingredients like toasted cake crumbs and several kinds of chocolate, one taste will leave you in a chocolate coma. And that’s a good thing.

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Out of towners are not out of luck. The nice people at Black Hound want to send you their cakes. “

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