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For a very long time I was never one to pay attention things like oils or butters. I just grabbed what was on sale, usually. Those were dark years when I didn’t know that being discriminating with food could pay off in the most satisfying results. If I still doubted the importance of choosing ingredients carefully, the arrival of a bottle of Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil reminded me.

When the box arrived I immediately opened the bottle. I was immediately compelled by the scent that wafted from the bottle to grab a spoon and taste. Not so nice, but that evening I made spaghetti aglio olio and was delighted to find that the fragrant, fruity oil stood up perfectly to the garlic and both flavors blended seamlessly yet maintained their own identities. A bit of further research on the Fratelli Carli website informed me that a host of awards has been bestowed upon the company, consisting of, two brothers carrying on the family tradition of producing sweet, mild olive oils in Liguria. Now I am a convert and I regularly drizzle the oil over tender lettuce leaves with nothing but a sprinkle of sea salt or light squirt of lemon to accompany it. And while I know it’s probably not the best idea, each day, I pour a bit into a small dish and dip chunks of fresh bread from a local bakery into it.

The oil comes in two sizes: .5 liter for $9.00 and 1 liter for $16.99 and is delivered within a 1-2 days of your order. You’ll want to keep your pantry stocked with this.

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