Is Organic Eating Healthier?



Want to lead a healthier lifestyle? Taking a moment to consider where exactly our food is coming from can make all the difference. We all know that eating a potato from our own garden is probably better than a French fry from McDonalds, just a hunch. But sometimes the benefits of organic eating versus conventional eating aren’t as obvious to the naked eye. This infographic was created based on the latest articles and the most relevant authorities on the subject. From the difference between organic grass fed cows and conventional grain fed ones, to the ways organic eating can affect our wallets and our health,  it helps us understand why organic agriculture has become the fastest growing market in the US and what that means for us. You may be shocked at the unhealthiest conventional foods and the differences between grass fed cows and grain fed cows may surprise you.

This infographic was created by Our mission is to revolutionize commerce and create a vehicle for positive change by bringing attention to people who are doing good work in our communities.

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