How To Make Salad Interesting

Salad gets a bad rep. It is widely considered the most boring of meals. Whenever we get an Indian takeaway in our house we always refer the sad plastic bag of onions and limp looking lettuce as “throwing salad” because in the entire history of everything nobody has ever actually eaten it. Nobody ever wrote a song called You Don’t Win Friends With Hamburgers.

But if you’re trying to lose a ew pounds and looking for ways to make salad-based-meal time seem like more than chewing lumpy water, here are a few valuable tips.

50 Shades of Green

Iceberg lettuce makes a good base for any salad, but it’s not the only green out there. Try rocket salad for a nice peppery taste, spinach, arugula, radicchio. The options are limitless!

Hard boiled eggs

A hard boiled egg adds some much needed protein to a salad without upping the fat content. Sliced, halved or just plonked down whole into the middle of the dish, these can be a great addition to any salad.

Not the stick

Carrots, sliced, shredded or cut into sticks, give your salad some colour and some crunch. Sprinkle it over your salad or simply have a glass of carrot sticks and a tub of hummus by the plate.

Caramelised onions

Seriously, caramelised onions. These give a wonderful smokey, sticky flavour to a dish. Quit frankly most hot dogs you’ve eaten? The taste you liked wasn’t the sausage.

Nuts for nuts

Personally I’m a fan of the humble cashew, but walnuts also make a great crunchy salad additions

Oranges are not the only fruit, but they’re a good one

A few segments of orange mixed in among more savoury food gives a dish a real zing. Go on! Try it!


Despite sounding like a less successful Doctor Who baddy, croutons give your salad a nice toasty flavour, and nicely set off the more juicy elements of the salad.

Something Fishy

Tinned tuna, smoked salmon, even some fish fingers that have chopped up and thrown into the mix. They’re healthy, tasty, and make you feel less like you’re eating an endless stream of rabbit food.

Fair or Fowl

You can even go so far as to put meat in your salad, providing you keep the ratio of salad to meat high enough so as to not defeat the point (I’m looking at you McDonald’s salads). There are plenty of shredded turkey recipes.

Sauce for the Salad

There are all sorts of recipes for nice vinaigrettes that can turn the rather watery taste of some green salads into something more interesting without piling on the calories the way some salad dressings do.  Make up a couple of bottles of different vinaigrettes and keep them in reserve for when you need a tasty salad in a hurry!


Sam Wright is a freelancer who just loves salad so much.

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