What is Spider Roll?

Whether you are a newbie to Japanese cuisine or a foodie who would like to try a more exciting alternative to the traditional sushi, you will definitely enjoy a generous serving of spider rolls. Spider roll is one of the myriad of sushi roll variations which has been given a more Western twist. Instead of the typical vegetables and salmon or tuna wrapped in rice and Nori seaweed, a spider roll primarily features a deep-fried soft-shelled crab which may either be breaded or battered for some extra flavor and texture. The cooked crustacean may be rolled on its own in rice and Nori or added to a helping of fresh lettuce, thin slices of cucumbers, a bit of spicy mayonnaise, and some avocado.

spider roll

When you have all these fillings tightly and neatly rolled up, you will notice that the legs of the soft-shelled crab are sticking out from the ends of the sushi roll, giving it the appearance of an arachnid which inspired its name. After coming up with a roll, the vinegar drizzled in the short-grained rice is allowed to set and moisten the seaweed wrap for about a minute or two before cutting it in sixths with a thin, wet, and extremely sharp knife. These delicious spider rolls are usually serviced with a spicy garnish or with wasabi and soy sauce based on the consumer’s preference.


For those who are quite new to sushi, the spider roll may be a good introduction because despite its seemingly unsavory name, this variation to the sushi roll is more familiar and friendly to the Western tongue. This is a stepping stone to those who are just about to embark on a sushi discovery and for those who are not quite ready for the more exotic and interesting ingredients of authentic Japanese sushi such as pressed mackerel, sea urchins, strong-tasting and pungent fermented fish or raw fish, among others.

Calorie Consciousness

If you are quite conscious about your caloric intake, you should know that this variation of the sushi roll has about 10 to 15 percent more calories than the regular California maki because of the deep frying done on the breaded or battered crab. In fact, a serving of about 4 spider rolls have approximately 317 calories. On the other hand, you might be glad to know that with the seaweed wrapper and the soft-shelled crab, the spider roll contains iodine which is essential for our metabolism. You can also get some carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and some minerals from all the other components of the spider roll. So, the next time you find yourself ordering some sushi, don’t forget to try some of these spider rolls. From the very first bite, you will find out for yourself that spider rolls definitely taste better than it sounds.

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