Strip Steak Dinner – Omaha Steaks

My childhood was full of microwave dinners – gloppy macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza that always stays a little frozen, and bland, overcooked chicken drowned in cream sauce. Not exactly the height of gourmet dining, I’ll admit.

But in recent years, companies like Omaha Steaks have raised the bar on prepared frozen foods. Omaha Steaks, an online retailer, carries a wide range of upscale prepared meals, from prime rib to chicken cordon bleu, compete with side dishes. They certainly seem like a step up from the microwave meals of yesterday, but how do they compare to a real home-cooked meal? My husband Jeff and I decided to test out their strip steak dinner to find the answer.

The meal was delivered on its scheduled arrival day, packed with dry ice in a Styrofoam crate. However, the dry ice had busted out of its plastic wrap, and was nearly dissolved by the time we opened the box – though all the food was still frozen, another few hours would have been cutting it close. The steak and sides were each packed into individual cardboard boxes, which could easily be stored in the freezer for later use. We didn’t bother, though – we were ready to eat as soon as we possibly could.

The steak comes directly from Omaha Steaks, the country’s premium frozen meat delivery source. They’re sent raw, so there is some cooking involved – nothing too strenuous, though. Since the steaks were frozen solid, we let them defrost in the refrigerator overnight. By the next day, they were ready to hit the grill.

The package also includes two side dishes – corn with red and green peppers, and herb-roasted potatoes. The corn, which we heated in the microwave, was sweet and juicy, lightly seasoned, but not too buttery – a sprinkling of salt and pepper made it perfect. We cooked the potatoes in the oven for ten minutes, as recommended. They didn’t have quite the crispiness that I’d hoped for, but the flavor was a delicious medley of herbs, garlic, and a hint of Parmesan and Romano cheese. The portions were relatively small when split between two people, but they served as a nice compliment to the steak.

The strip steaks, though, were the meal’s absolute highlight. We threw them onto the grill, and they charred up nicely, tender and medium-rare on the inside. Omaha Steaks’s enclosed seasoning pack, a mix of salt, garlic, and spices, flavored the meat so well that we didn’t even bother with a sauce. It was nine ounces of pure, succulent beef, just the way it’s meant to be.

Omaha Steaks claims that the entire meal can be ready in 17 minutes. Not counting the time to defrost the steak (either overnight in the fridge, or for 40 minutes in cold water), and the time spent preheating the oven and grill, this seems pretty accurate. Everything was simple to prepare, even for a kitchen novice.

So does Omaha Steaks’s strip steak dinner compare to a home-cooked meal from scratch? I can’t complain. For a top-quality dinner that’s quick and simple to prepare, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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