Tea Time – Different Types Of Tea And Their Health Benefits

Kicking back with the beautiful taste and aroma of tea is a perfect way to relax. But the great qualities of tea don’t stop there! Depending on which tea you prefer, you could be receiving multiple health benefits, which might make you think about which type you brew in your teapot next!


Green tea

There have been many studies that show drinking green tea may help burn fat. In addition to its weight trimming abilities, it’s great to drink green tea on a regular basis as there are also studies suggesting its ability to prevent neurological disorders, and cancers within many areas of the body. Experts recommend between 1-3 cups of green tea a day, but you’ll reap maximum benefits with 3 cups.

Black tea

If you like your plain black tea and aren’t a fan of the green type – don’t worry because black tea also has the potential to shield your lungs from potent chemicals in our atmosphere like cigarette pollution. If you’ve got a high risk of stroke in your family, green and black tea can help you curb the chances of succumbing to this horrible health ailment.


Chai teas are an ancient remedy for colds, and can help soothe the common aches and pains associated with them. Chai tea flavours like clove are particularly effective for these symptoms, while others like cinnamon chai may help with fatigue, and increase circulation.

Herbal tea

Flavoured herbal teas such as peppermint and lavender are great for relieving stress, and can assist individuals who commonly suffer from abdominal bloating. Most herbal teas also encourage a better nights sleep, and are conveniently caffeine free if you need to avoid this for health reasons.


If you’re after something different, Ooolong teas are another fantastic choice. Thought to help increase mental vigilance and overall immunce health, Ooolong teas may even relieve certain skin allergies. A favourite in Asia, Oolong tea is not one to be missed in your health regime.

Fruity tooty

While fruit infused teas generally carry a lot more sugar and additives than others, they can still give the same general therapeutic and calming effects. However, as a healthy alternative, get creative and try brewing your own fruit tea at home!

It’s comforting to know that our favourite afternoon teas can actually help us maintain our health and overall wellbeing. However, to live a long and healthy life, we need to educate ourselves holistically, in areas other than our diet. For a true health regime that aids in weight maintenance and improving fitness, it’s a good idea to involve yourself in a gym class as well, such as hot yoga. These classes will help you to achieve an overall health boost – once you’ve finished the class, then you can kick back and relax with a wonderful cuppa. You deserve it, after all!

Linda Campbell is a writer who is a huge fan of hot yoga. She loves sipping on green tea after every class, and has no idea where her life would be without it.

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