Ten Singaporean Foods That You Should Not Miss

Without any uncertainty, Singapore is one of the most wonderful places when it comes to food and culture. What is interesting about the place is that its cuisines are as culturally diverse as its people are. The foods in the country feature a combination of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malay, and Western influences, which makes the Lion City a good place to visit. If you are a food aficionado, here is a list of the most savory Singaporean foods that you should not miss:

• Bak Kut Teh. This dish is a pork ribs soup that had its origins in China. It is cooked in different herbs and spices, which include garlic, pepper, and salt, amongst others. Typically, one consumes the food with rice and other complementary dishes such as fried dough, bread, and salted vegetables.

• Black Pepper Crab. One may find this dish in almost all restaurants over the Lion City, principally for the reason that it is one of the most popular Asian dishes known to tourists. The black pepper crab is mixed with bird’s eye chilies, butter, curry leaves, dried shrimps, pepper, and further seasonings.

• Chicken Rice. This savory Singaporean dish simply entails rice cooked in a palatable chicken broth. The skinless breast meat is simmered to create a savory and juicy chicken. With regard to consuming the dish, one may choose to eat it with a chili sauce or with green onions and cucumbers.

• Chili Crab. This is probably the most popular Singaporean food, and most people associate the chili crab as the face of the country’s cuisine. In the main, this dish is made of meaty crabs in a sweet and spicy sauce. You may choose to consume the dish with rice or deep fried mantou, but whichever way you prefer, eating chili crab is still going to be one of the most satisfying experiences that you can have in your life.

• Duck Rice. This is somehow similar to the Hainanese chicken rice, but this dish focuses on rice cooked with duck and vegetables. It is also served with a syrupy sauce, which has been a common way for people to consume Singaporean dishes.

• Fish Head Curry. This dish is made of a huge fish head that is boiled in curry gravy. The dish, which is also popular in china and India, is best consumed with white rice.

• Katong Laksa. This famous piquant noodle soup had its origins in the Perankan civilization. Katong laksa has numerous variations, which have sprung from the number of cultures that influenced the dish.

• Nasi Lemak. This dish is made of anchovies, chili paste, coconut rice, cucumber, and omelette.

• Roti Prata. This popular breakfast dish is cooked from cheese, flour, egg, and numerous spices. One may choose to add further ingredients to the dish, and consume it either plainly or with a bowl of curry.

• Satay. This dish is similar to barbecue in other Asian countries, since it features sliced and roasted meat on wooden sticks. With regard to how you may consume Satay, you may choose to eat it with vegetables, peanut sauce, or rice cubes, amongst others.

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