What’s Your Dining Out Personality Type?

Many of us have heard of the line, “you are what you eat” but not many of us probably know that “you are how you eat.” Eating is so primal, so basic, so necessary to our survival that we barely take time to note the way we react to food. In many ways, food can bring out one’s personality. It can reveal a person’s preferences, motives, background, even prejudices and past experiences. Even when one is dining out, food on the menu can bring out his or her personality much as one’s birthdate would reveal one’s characteristics. What is your Dining Out Personality Type, and what does it say about you in general? Let’s take a look at the most common dining habits to find out:
The Label Watcher
The Label Watcher is a careful eater, scouring the menu for clues and tips in order to learn more about the food offered by favorite restaurants. He will read the descriptions on the menu and ask detailed questions about the type of wine served, the cut of meat used for the steak, the sweetener added to the sauce, etc. The Label Watcher likes to be in control and he does this by paying attention to details and knowing what makes something tick.
The Professional
Also known as the Gourmand, the Professional knows his food and is not afraid to show it. Chefs and restaurant owners often see the Professional as an intelligent diner. They ask relevant questions and know which dish goes with which wine and salad. The Professional knows what he wants and how to get it. He is confident, self-assured and trusting enough to expect to receive the best life can that offer. He sets a standard for the most important things in his life and likes it best if these standards are met.
The Social Butterfly
For the Social Butterfly, every meal should be a social event, one that must be savored not just with one but with many friends and loved ones. Whether the food is from a buffet or table service, it is an experience that must be savored and shared. The Butterfly is gregarious, outgoing, a go-getter, one who is unafraid to share what he has and quite eager to explore life.
The Picker
If given the power to choose a destination for the group, it is likely that the Picker will choose a buffet. Atlantic City restaurants, look out! He is the type of diner that goes in, pores through the menu and picks a number of dishes. What sets him apart is that he will go through one dish, taking a bite or two and move on to the next dish, sometimes barely touching the last dish. The Picker is finicky and hesitant about committing, so he will taste what life has to offer but never really dig in. Even then, his experience is varied and expansive. The Picker has an adventurous soul and he will taste everything he can, even if it means ordering more than he needs to.
The Uncomplicated Diner
The Uncomplicated Diner is intuitive, He gets hungry, he goes to eat. It’s that simple. It does not matter what is on the menu, whether it’s the basic steak or snails drenched in veggie cream, he will go for it, provided of course that it is satisfying. This diner keeps a practical approach to life. He goes for function over form. That is not to say, however, that he won’t try a new dish or some exotic concoction. He will, as long as it fills him up.
Understanding how your personality affects how you eat is important in helping you make the right food choices. Next time you’re ready to make a reservation — take note of the various Dining Out Personality Types amongst yourself and your companions. These preferences — and aversions — may reveal more than you realize.

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