Why Is Wine So Popular?

Over the last few years more and more people have shunned going out to bars in favour of drinking at home and this has led to wine being the most popular drink in America, Europe and Australia.

Wine is considered the sophisticated beverage and is the choice for many parties and functions. Wine is also often used in cooking as it adds a rich flavour to many foods – savoury or sweet. Depending on the wine that you choose depends on the way that you should drink it. Some wines should be opened and left to stand for a few hours before serving whereas others can be drunk right away. Some wines have to be drunk straight away either because they should be served chilled or because when left to stand they lose their flavour and scent. Wines that can be left are used a lot in religious ceremonies, although these tend to be less alcoholic than the wines that people drink at home. In religious terms wine is usually used in a church service during communion where it is given as the blood of Christ.


Although wine in general is extremely popular, red wine is definitely the wine of choice for most people. Red wine is probably most popular for its taste, it’s much fruitier, warmer and richer than white wine and it is also much more versatile.

Red wine can be used as a drink before a meal or between courses to cleanse the palette but it can also be used to go alongside a meal too. Red wines tend to go well with heavier, flavoursome foods like red meats or heavily flavoured herbs. However, they are also used to accompany desserts, showing just how versatile a drink it is.

Wine – especially red – is commonly drunk in the home, at parties and it also makes a great gift. When choosing wine you should always check that it has been aged for the appropriate amount of time in order to make sure you’ll have the best flavour.

If you’re looking for a wine for a special gift or occasion and you’re willing to spend a little more, then you’ll never go wrong with a Burgundy wine. This French wine is one of the world’s favourite but also one of the more expensive wines to choose. It is considered one of the most flavourful wines thanks to it being produced from Pinot Noir grapes.

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